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BarcodeIP is a paralegal support services firm. We are one stop providers for all patent related matters. Our experts in intellectual property adopt a creative approach to meet a client's needs, with quality output within proposed time. BarcodeIP offers 9 diverse spheres of patent services, which include Patent Proofreading, Patent Illustration, US Application Preparation, Patent Docketing, Quick Prior Art Search, IDS Preparation, Attorney Social Media Profile Management, Secretarial services and Virtual Office Management.

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We are supporting in listed below services including Patent Proofreading, Patent
Illustration, US Application Preparation, Patent docketing, Quick prior art search.



Sometimes errors are seemingly insignificant, but if left uncorrected can lead to major consequences. This makes proofreading of an issued patent a critical prosecution step. Furthermore, irrespective of whether the error was committed by the PTO or the applicant, the onus to correct the same falls upon the applicants.

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Patent illustrations/drawings help to understand structural view and functional behaviour of the invention and enhance its readability and understanding. Patent illustrations plays an important role in Design patent and Utility patent. The Patent illustrations/ drawings form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention.

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Getting patent is a tedious procedure. Time taken in grant of any patent is vary from application to application, considering the subject matter, criteria’s of the applications and its prosecution. Therefore, for making patent obtaining process easier and profitable entry into the various countries

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Patent docketing is a method or system for managing the patent application process. Law firms handle hundreds of patent cases at a time. In patent law firm, the patent application process generates a great deal of paperwork so it is very difficult to manage all the documents without the help of any system or software. Docketing helps patent lawyers keep track of patent deadlines and documents.

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Quick prior art search is a quick search for identifying similar inventions within a short frame of time. The purpose of the search is to reveal any obvious obstacles that might prevent the client. It provides an overview of the relevant technologies in an effort to access whether modifications or further innovations will be required.

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It is an integral part of the Patent application and Prosecution Process. An IDS is essential to ensure patent validity and enforceability. It is a document submitted to USPTO, the applicant must disclose prior art, or information that pertains to the patentability of the application. We helps in preparing IDS for US patent and timelines defines by the patent office.

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Social media is used to promote brands, market products and foster new business. It is a group of tools and social platforms that allow peoples, groups and businesses to communicate with each other and exchange information. Attorneys are using social media for professional development and networking.

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In this service we manage mention services Communication handles on emails, Social media marketing, Travelling,Personal Task and Meeting we provide services for your office meetings and we provide you with experienced and qualified assistant.We provide a complete solution in social media marketing.

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we manage mention services - Web design , IT outsourcing , Internet Marketing , Web research , Social media marketing , Content Writing , Data Analysis, Photo Editing, Email Management, Docket Management, Calendar Management , Travel Planning , Personal Task , To Do list etc

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We deliver quality services to Inventors, Corporate and Law Firms.


Patent proofreading is a crucial and the final step of patent prosecution. The original patent application may undergo a series of amendments and errors may creep into the application which if not corrected may lead to serious consequences. Proofreading helps filter out any errors that might have gone unnoticed while drafting the applications. Furthermore, irrespective of whether the error was committed by the PTO or the applicant, the onus to correct the same falls upon the applicants.

The error in the priority information is critical. It arises from incorrect information in the Application Data Sheet. Likewise errors like incorrect use of antecedents in claims, inconsistent use of terms, inappropriate reference to content in the table or in text illustrations along with errors in the bibliographic data, incorrect usage of grammar and spelling may all have serious consequences which should be corrected in time. It is crucial to proofread patents to identify such discrepancies in the patent.

The Patent proofreading process involves technical and legal understanding of the patent application. Our team goes through the whole document and performs a detailed analysis of the prosecution history of the patent document to locate errors that are made either by the applicant or patent office. We also prepare ready to file correction request (Certificate of Correction in USPTO) that can be filed with the PTOs, thus saving your time and costs.

Our team with the use of latest technology provides you the industry’s most comprehensive proofreading service. Draft CoC documents are prepared to correct the critical errors.

Our proofreaders perform a different task in proofreading, for delivering you an accurate and quality report. They do through study of office actions and patent file histories. They also examine inconsistency, duplicity and grammatical errors in specification and claims. Drawing is the major part of any patent, so our team verifies all drawings from Issued patent and assembled patent.


Getting a patent is a tedious procedure. The first step is preparing and compiling a complete application package in a ready to be filed state with the PTO. A non-provisional utility patent application must include a specification, including a description and a claim or claims; drawings, when necessary; an oath or declaration; and the prescribed filing, search, and examination fees. The draft application is reviewed to ensure its conformance to the Application requirements. In addition, we assist you in preparation of initial IDS, Application Data Sheet, Fee transmittals and preliminary amendments.


The patent drawings are an integral part of any patent application. A patent application is required to contain drawings to understand the subject matter to be patented. The drawings must show every feature of the invention as specified in the claims. A drawing necessary to understand the invention cannot be introduced into an application after the filing date of the application because of the prohibition against new matter.

Your patent application needs accurate, high quality patent drawings to get your patent granted throughout the world. BarcodeIP provide drawings for product documentation and for other formal documents. We offer technical drawings, Utility Drawings, Design Patent Drawings, PCT Drawings and flow charts etc according to the client’s brief and requirement. All work is carried out by our experienced and professional draftsmen. They use autoCAD, 2D and 3D tools and Microsoft Visio to prepare the drawings. Our draftsmen assist you to prepare drawings as per the US, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and various other patent office requirements.

Our ‘patent drawings’ are guaranteed to conform to jurisdictional rules for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the European Patent Organization (EPO), and many other patent offices throughout the world.


Patent docketing is an essential tool for any law firm. It helps to track Patent applications.A docketing database keeps track of due dates and sends attorneys an alert whenever there is a filing (or other) deadline. Docketers usually scan copies of relevant documents and forward them to other law firms, when required.

The patent application process is too complicated to handle due to burden of paperwork. Every patent application has due dates. If any of the date is missed it causes abandonment of the application. Some of the missed dates are redeemable/recoverable but some are not. It is also difficult to maintain the proper record of the documents, label each document with its appropriate file name and to place it in a correct file. Thus, this process involves entering each document into the database so that the attorney can easily locate all documents in the file and view each deadline associated with patent filing process. This process will help in meeting deadlines for filing with the USPTO. To maintain hundreds of patent cases including tracking and updating them - many law firms appoint in-house docketing specialists or outsource the patent docketing process to a firms specializing in docketing patent applications.

BarcodeIP’s expert docketing service will help you manage the peaks and valleys in your workload. Our specialists work with the EPO, WIPO and national PTOs to handle all correspondence and formalities across the whole prosecution cycle.


Quick prior art search is a quick search for identifying similar inventions within a short frame of time. The purpose of the search is to reveal any obvious obstacles that might prevent the client. It provides an overview of the relevant technologies in an effort to access whether modifications or further innovations will be required.

Quick prior art search is used to determine whether the time and expense of moving forward with a patent application is a worthwhile endeavor. The complete process of getting patent is expensive, so it’s better to make the prior art search as a first door- step of patent grant. According to the outcome of search one can easily move on to the next invention .Quick prior art search is the easy way to save your time and money and also avoid re-filing and re-preparing of patent application.

With the help of searching, you can reduce the risk of infringing by using someone’s rights and will also help to show how strong or weak the invention.

Our highly experienced and skilled team members provides the best knock out searches by identifying prior art references which target the novelty aspect of the invention and utilize all the available databases for the best result. Our searches are conducted by a judicious use of multiple keywords and search strings of varying scope. Our report formats are extremely structured, easy to understand, and tailored as per your requirements.


IDS Preparation for US applications

  • - Our team helps in preparing IDS for US patent application filers and adhere to the processes and timelines defined by the patent office.
  • - We frequently prepare these documents for our clients as part of the patent application and prosecution processes.
  • - During the IDS preparation, our in-house expertsscrub the patent histories of all members in the family to identify and note the additional references to be cited in the subject application.
  • - Our comprehensive report is very detailed and easy to read. It includes information on cited references of the patent family members also.
  • - The IDS form prepared is in a ready to be filed state with the USPTO.
  • - Our paralegal experts deliver high quality quality service within the desired TAT.
  • - Our law firm will work closely with you and work attentively to present all the relevant information to the USPTO in a minimal time.


"As a client of barcodeIP, I am amazed the way they handle my projects within my stipulated time limits. Outstanding projection of drawing through affluent young bunch of draftsperson. I look forward to work more with them."


" Thank you for providing me with the best outcome of the most critical USPTO objected drawings. I am very impressed with the level of service and professionalism that you and your staff are providing, and trust in them. Pleasure to team up with barcodeIP professionals."


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" I am collaborated with barcodeIP since 3 years and I feel privileged to gain such good professional connections in India. They highly emphasize on quality measures with rapid delivery of assignments. Internally strong work cycle of white-collar workers."


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